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Crazy, emotional start to the school year!

Pre-k, First grade and Senior year from home.

 I expected this school year to start a bit different. I expected classes to be smaller, masks to be worn and six feet required between kids but not this. Today I drove in a school line to pick up school supplies and iPad for my first grader. I have a math book, a book with all other subjects, supplies, portable white erase board, “I’m in first grade” hat, iPad, and a lot of questions. San Diego is not allowing in school instruction at this time so here we are.

 My senior started last week. He has two classes vs the normal 5 and does 1 hour of zoom 4 days a week. He does not seem to motivate or even stimulated for school. I am at a bit of a loss. What is he actually going to learn doing school this way? I feel like he is missing out on so much. Academically and socially loosing out during his last year of high school. I just feel like there was another way to go about starting school and this is not the way to do it.

 First, I do believe Covid-19 is real, is scary and should be taken seriously. But why can’t the school set up and at least start with one day a week using all the recommended precautions. My biggest fear is this school year setting my 2 oldest kids back in school. My 4-year-old I can easily teach her the simple things she needs to know, but she is also lacking the social interaction which is super important in child development.

 Second, I do not even know what Wednesday is going to look like for my first grader because the school has not sent any instructions. Everything the school is doing is being sent out at the last minute making me feel so unprepared to start his schooling. The only saving grace is he has the same teacher as last year and she is amazing. When is this all going to end? I want my kids back to a normal life and my life to get back to normal. I never thought about home schooling or really wanted to so this is a lot on me. Many parents I have spoke to feel the same way as my but not all. Some parents are excited at the idea of home schooling their kids.

Thoughts on school in your state.

 As a parent who suffers from anxiety this virus is really bad for me. My anxiety is a lot worse and my panic attacks have increased. I need a schedule and I need to know what the plan is so I can handle my own mental health issues. I really hope we figure out how to live a more normal life and that my entire family can get back to a normal healthy life. To any of the parents out there struggling like myself you are not alone as this is tough. Just remind yourself it will not be this way forever and things will get better.

Hope all your kids have a great start to the school year! Thank you for letting me vent. I would love to hear what other kids are doing in other states. How do you feel about this whole school year. Do you want to home school, return to normal or hybrid school? I wish this never had happened.

In the spirit of making this school year as normal as possible Target has a ton of fun back to school supplies for a good price. Click the button below to check them out.

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Most amazing Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake

Yummy bundt cake time!

 I have not felt motivated lately. Writing has just seemed hard and life seems a bit off. But at the last minute I decided I needed to do our Sunday sweets after a post on TikTok inspired me. The Sunday sweet for this weekend is a Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake. Apparently people are trying to recreate the bundt cakes made at Nothing Bundt Cakes. I love their bundt cakes, so making this was an easy choice.

 First off what do you need to make these:

  1. Super Moist Devil’s Food Cake Mix
  2. 4 eggs
  3. 3 ounces of chocolate Jell-O pudding
  4. 3 quarters cup water
  5. 1 quarter cup vegetable oil
  6. 1 cup of sour cream
  7. Optional add 1 cup of chocolate chips
  8. Bundt cake pan
chalk board with purple writing saying chocolate bundt cake with oil, sour cream, pam spray, cake mix, four white eggs, and chocolate chips in a yellow bag.

 First off do not follow the directions on the back of the box just use the ingredients listed above. Put all ingredients into a mixing bowl except the chocolate chips. After all ingredients are in the bowl or in my case after all my kids added them to bowl blend them together. In the TikTok video she had a hand blender, but we just used a whisk which worked well. After it is all completely mixed add the chocolate chips and mix those all in. We ended up using the mini chocolate chips which were fine but next time I would use the regular size ones. Just a preference but not needed.

After all items were mixed well together we poured it into a bundt pan that we sprayed with Pam. Then popped it into the oven at 350 degrees for 35 minutes. In the video they said 45 minutes, but our oven tends to cook a bit quicker, so we did 35 minutes and it was good to go. I have never made a bundt cake before so if you are new to this when you flip it over and tap it out do it carefully. Some of my cake stuck but it still looked great!

Sunday sweets was a success!

While my Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake was in the oven I realized I put the wrong amount of water in. But it was still moist and very yummy. Next time we are also going to add some ice cream with it afterwards. But it was really good. The Nothing Bundt Cakes are denser, and I am not sure I would compare the two, but I would definitely make this again. The whole family said it was good and half is already gone so I deem this Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake a success. Hope everyone has a great week!

brown bundt cake on a green plate

One more thing! If you do not know what Nothing Bundt Cakes is click the button below to check them out or find a store near you. They are so yummy!

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Dollar Brownies

Sunday Sweets made EASY.

What a week it has been. I do not know why 2020 has been so rough but I am ready for a better year. I will explain more later but my week added up to me picking an extremely easy dessert. Nothing creative was made. I ended up heading to the boxed brownies. I love this kind. They only cost a dollar and are by Duncan Hines Milk Chocolate. So, I am calling them Dollar Brownie’s.

What you need for Dollar Brownies.

1.) Duncan Hines brownie mix

2.) vegetable oil

3.) water

4.) three eggs

* Add something fun to your dollar brownies: chocolate chips, sprinkles, whip cream, marshmallows, frosting or nuts.

Pretty simple to make.

So, like always anyone who can helps in the house. My hubby preheated the oven to 350. My kids and my son’s girlfriend Kiera all cracked one egg into the bowl. Letting a four and six-year-old crack an egg was an experience but there are no eggshells in them, so we are good. Add oil and water and whisk all together. Then you are done. Pour in the pan and into the oven for 35 minutes. Now you have yummy dollar brownies. This is all I could make with the week my family has had.

 Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. In the last week or so we were thrown some stuff that was tough. I could not focus my energy on some things in life due to me needed to take care of things that have come up. But I just could not let my kids down and not make something this week. It makes us all smile. I learned that they do not care what we make we just have to make something and that is what it is all about. So the dollar brownies are a hit!

Button bellow links to the brown mix.

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Oreo Dirt Cup’s

Fun dessert in August.

 Welcoming August with open arms. My son’s birthday is in a week and I am super excited. But today is the first Sunday of the month and our Sunday sweets family dessert day. Today I did not have time to make a new dessert. We have some personal stuff going on, so I reverted back to a fun easy childhood dessert. We are making Oreo Dirt Cup’s! The kids may like this one the best.

What you need.

 So first off as always what do you need to make Oreo dirt Cup’s:

  1. Oreos
  2. Milk
  3. Instant Jell-O Chocolate Pudding
  4. Gummy Worms
  5. Clear plastic cups
black chalk board with blue writing stating Oreo Dirt Cup's. With ingredients oreos, bag of gummy worms, boxes of chocolate jello and a vase with red roses and yellow sunflowers.

Make the Oreo Dirt Cup.

  This recipe is so easy, and the kids loved it. First follow the instructions on the Jell-O box. For me it said use three cups of cold milk. We mixed the milk with the bag of chocolate powder. The kids whisk it and then Daddy finished to make sure it was fully mixed. We then set it aside to thicken.

 Next I gave each kid three Oreo’s is in a Ziplock bag and let them smash it with a meat tenderizer. It does the job and each kid is able to make their own “dirt” for their cup. After this is done, the pudding should be ready just check it and make sure it is thick. We served up equal amounts into four cups. Next our kids poured the crushed Oreo’s on top of the pudding.

 Then we add the worms. Now you can put them in the pudding before you add the dirt, but we add them after. We push the ends in, so they look like they are crawling out. That is it. Now enjoy. These are super easy, cheap, creative, and quickly made. Ideal for kids of all ages. You can get more creative by adding other things to it if you want. Even better you cook nothing. It is hot in San Diego today. Our house is to warm for the oven to be used.

 Looking forward to making some new fun desserts this month. We will be making a birthday cake for my oldest and maybe trying a new cake recipe. The kids will love making him his cake. If you are looking for something to do that brings the whole family together try cooking or baking. This truly has been a lot of fun. I would love to hear about some of your family traditions new and old if you would love to share. Oh and if your looking for a different take on the classic dirt cup click the button below for a Peanut Butter Dirt Cup.