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Back to school

 As with most parents this year has been crazy. From hearing about a virus, to our kid’s school shutting down and the continuing roller coaster of covid-19. There is no way to plan what is coming next. Furthermore, what is happening with the kids going back to school in the fall. There is so much confusion and way too many opinion’s out there.

 For my family we are currently divided on what to do with this up coming year. It does not make things any easier that we have one child in high school for his senior year and the other one in first grade. This means we are dealing with 2 school districts. To top it off the school districts have different ideas on going back to school next month.

 For myself I do not know who to believe about covid-19 and how sick it can or can not make you. Because I do not really know who to believe I do not want to take a chance sending my kids back to school at this time. Having a baby at home worries me due to her immune system not being fully developed yet. That is enough for me to keep them out of school and stay online only until we see a huge drop in this numbers for this virus.

They are missing out on socialization. My kid’s are truly missing their friends. School and sports were particularly important to our children as well as many other’s I know. I really pray every day that this virus goes away, and life become more normal.

e young male wearing yellow shirt and black pants with black cleats for baseball.

 Our school’s have announced what their plans are for now. The high school will go one day a week and the 4 days online. The elementary school is going 5 days a week unless told otherwise. This can all change any minute. This was what happened with business’s just yesterday. It is just a complete mess.

A blonde woman with floral top and black pants wearing a pink mask talking to a young child talking about wanting to go back to school

 For my husband it is pretty simple he thinks all kids should go back. On top of that he thinks that social distancing and masks are not necessary. I can not wrap my head around that type of thinking. There is something out there making people extremely ill. Although many kids are not getting sick their teachers could. I myself think every life matter’s and do not want to take the risk. My husband and I are going to need to come to some middle ground because each school offer’s full online schooling as a choice. That being said I want to make the best choice for my kids.

white male boy 6 years old in paper black and yellow kindergarten graduation hat, with white kindergarten diploma. He was not able to go back to school due to covid-19

 I know I am not alone in this confusion. There are many parents out there that need their kids in school. They need to work. But on top of that some parent’s like my self do not feel their kids learn the best from us. Before all of this b I never wanted to home school, but I did it from March till the end of the school year. I just do not want to. My kids really love going to school. My teenager is in his senior year. If things do not start normalizing soon he is going to miss out on so much and it truly is not fair. What are all the other parent’s feeling? What is the right choice for your family? Please share as I love hearing other perspectives on this unique situation we are facing as parents this year.

 What I ask myself:

  1. Is it to big of a risk to go back now?
  2. Will they learn what they need to from me?
  3. How can me and my husband compromise?
  4. What sources can you are really trust?
  5. What will the consequences be socially and educationally by keeping my children home?
  6. Will one day a week verse all online be vastly different?
  7. Is this all a political stunt?
  8. How do I teach a young child to socially distance at school?
  9. Is it worth putting the teachers in jeopardy?
  10. How do I prepare my kids for another odd school year?

 That being said I am still very confused. No one said parenting is easy. It is made much harder when our country and society is so mixed on what the next step is for school.

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