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Being a Mom can be exhausting.

 It is hard being a Mom. It does not matter if you have one kid or four, some days are just exhausting. I am not sure why I am such a tired mom today. Being a Mom of 4 can be a lot sometimes. I always say as long as I get 4 uninterrupted hours of sleep I am good but not today. My husband came home, I was struggling to keep my eyes open, kids are screaming, and the baby is glued to my hip. My baby girl sleeps well, just not lately due to teething. She is having a hard time, my other babies did not even cry during teething. This alone can wear a Mama down but I also have three other kids.

 My exhaustion could also be a buildup of a lot going on in addition to the lack of sleep. I am like a lot of Moms. I have multiple kids, I have a list in my head that is growing by the minute, laundry is needing to be put up, I am a home school teacher now, not by choice, since March and I have anxiety. On top of all the normal things of my normal life as a Mom, there is a lot going on in our household from May till the end of June and emotions are high both happy and sad.

 Why are May and June so busy for our family? My Mom’s birthday and Mother’s Day are within the same week. Then comes Memorial Day. We are a Gold Star family so we lost a military loved one, he was the father of my oldest son. Then my daughter Harper’s and my son Gavin’s birthdays come, one on June 2nd and the other June 8th. The 8th is also my wedding anniversary, so we plan a date on a different day. Next, is us remembering the life of Matt as he died on June 16th. The final event is Father’s Day, which is complex for our blended family. We celebrate my husband, then we have to go to visit Matt where he is buried, and then we celebrate my Stepdad.

 All of these events, back to back, combined with the craziness of the world like Covid-19, the world navigating how to end racism and just being a Mom can all add up. Today I think I just need a vacation. Somewhere quiet and calming where I can binge watch Netflix shows and sleep 10 hours. But, as most Mom’s know this will have to wait especially because I breast feed and Aria will not take a bottle at all so we cant be apart long.

 So, what does a stay at home Mom, who breast feeds do to get a little energy back and not burn out? I am still trying to figure that out. I have four kids but I am still learning. Do not ever think that just because someone has a lot of kids they are experts at raising children or doing it right, there is no handbook. So far there are a few things I do to help relieve exhaustion and get back a little pep in my step.

  1. A Good cup of coffee or tea alone.
  2. A hot shower or bath. Lock the door and play music.
  3. Have someone take the kids to the park. Even for just 30 minutes to get a break.
  4. A walk. Just getting outside really can up your energy.
  5. Going to the car. Drive to another street, eat a favorite snack and just lean back, relax.

These ideas are all baby friendly. You can get away for a short time, the baby does not need to be fed 24 hours a day and it really can relieve the stress and exhaustion we experience. Just know if you are an exhausted Mom out there, you are an awesome parent and take care of yourself so you can be your best.

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    Theresa Shivvers
    June 10, 2020 at 11:27 pm

    You are a great role model for all moms everywhere! Love you doll!!!

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