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Carlsbad Day Trip

Finding Fairy Doors

 Most people go to Carlsbad, California to visit the beach but our Carlsbad day trip was different. We opted on not going to the beach due to Covid-19. Too many people and not many wearing the mask’s they should. We decided to go on a hunt for tiny fairy doors on a trail in Carlsbad. It was more fun than we thought.

 We got there around 12 and there were very few people on the short trail. As we started walking my teenager spotted the first door. It was perfectly placed on a tree. This tiny little realistic door. It is the cutest tiny yellow door. There was a handle and tiny mushrooms painted on it. Next to the door was tinker bell. Around the door was green moss. You could see my little one’s imaginations running. The excitement was so adorable.

 As we proceed down the trail we came on to another door. This was red and bigger. There was moss, glitter, and purple flowers around it. The detail on the tiny door was perfect. I truly have not seen my kids this excited in months. I should say we do not go many places lately due to this virus, so this was a treat. What was even better is my 16-year-old son said it was pretty fun. This is a huge win for me. In total we found 13 doors. All varying in sizes and absolutely perfect.

 What was so cute is that these doors looked to have inspired other people. There were little birdhouse’s that someone had made on different trees. People had also painted and made their own doors in other places. The original doors we found are part of the Carlsbad Village Fairies. They started popping up in Lancashire, England and now they are in Carlsbad, California. If you would love to read more about how they have come about or buy a fairy door click the button below. They look like so much fun.

Ice Cream was needed

 After this we decided to get some ice cream. Most ice cream placed were closed which was sad because we found one that looked so fun. But my trusty husband came to the rescue. He found Fugu Rolled Ice Cream and Taiyaki. We had the best rolled ice cream. We all got the rolled ice cream except Harper. Her ice cream came in a waffle fish filled with chocolate and her ice cream was ube/vanilla. It was so much fun finding a new place to try.

Finished with Mexican Food

 To top off any southern California trip we had Mexican food. We had to get some. The smell as we walked by was amazing to say the least. If I have not said before I am newly a vegetarian which makes my Mexican food choices slim. But this place had a burrito for me. I got a falco lunch burrito and it was so freaking good. It makes my day when I can find a good vegetarian meal. They even offered a vegan option. Matthew and Geoff got CaliGuey (California burrito) and they loved it so much. I can’t forget  to mention their perfectly made salsa to finish off any Mexican meal.

brown bag from sanchos taco with a burrito from carlsbad day trip

 We had the best day. We kept a social distance 90% of the time. It felt like a normal outing which is so needed. For me covid-19 is putting a strain on my mental health. My kids are also suffering. They miss their friends and just doing normal things. Today truly helped. Thank you to the Carlsbad Village Fairies to letting my kids and my teenager be kids again. Thank you to Fugu Ice Cream for being open when so many are not you saved the afternoon. Our Carlsbad day trip was amazing! Time to look for some other fun and safe San Diego adventures.

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    November 12, 2020 at 4:09 am

    Where is the trail ?

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      Jennifer Shivvers
      November 12, 2020 at 4:49 am

      Hi. Sorry, I just noticed I never posted how to get to the trail. So, we drove from Santee, California. We took the 5 north, to the exit called Tamarack Avenue and turned left. Continue down Tamarack Ave until you hit the rail road tracks. Just before those tracks is a trail head (I am not sure what it is called) but if you walk down that trail you will start your search for fairy doors.

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