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Kid’s trying new food’s and flavors

My kid’s eating habits.

 I have 4 kids. Aria who is 9 months and tries anything we give her. Harper is 4 and she will try almost anything but may not like it afterwards. Then Gavin is 6 who is our picky eater and also does not eat a lot. Followed by Matthew who is 16 who use to love most foods but not so much anymore. For me I will try just about anything and have a great palate, but my kids are learning. When I came across Fresh Bellies I was so excited. Kid’s trying new food’s and flavor’s is especially important to me.

4 kids; two boys and two girls. Outside sitting on a blanket on the grass wearing pastel colors. They all eat fresh bellies snacks.

Fresh Bellies

 Fresh Bellies is such a great way to introduce fruits and veggies along with herbs and spices at a young age. Even better they not only offer freeze dried fruits and veggies but also offer baby food with amazing food profiles. Their products are not only made with full organic ingredients they also have no preservatives or added sweetener’s. The great thing is the snack bags only use 3 Non-GMO ingredients and are freeze dried only. If you try the baby food out the lids come with a spoon to use making it convenient and healthy.

What did my Kid’s think?

 We all headed to the park to play some ball and run around. This was the perfect time to bring the Fresh Bellies snacks to try out. After everyone stopped playing we all sat down to try them. My husband and I also tried them. We had 6 flavors to try:

  1. Apples and Cardamom
  2. Snap Peas and Cumin
  3. Roasted Peppers, Sunflower Oil and Sea Salt
  4. Mango and Basil
  5. Beets and Thyme
  6. Strawberries and Balsamic

As you can see they do not mix vegetable and fruit flavors so that kids learn to enjoy fruits AND vegetables on their own.

Orange, pink , red, purple, dark green, and light green bags of toddler snacks by fresh bellies in a purple box sitting on green grass.

 We started with the strawberries and they were amazing. The combination of flavors was perfect. Everyone loved this one. I mean most people love strawberries, so I was not to worried about this. Then we moved on to the Mango. Now I am not a huge fan of mango’s, but they were better than the strawberries. All my kids like the Mango and Basil but my 16-year-old finished off the whole bag. Since we already started with fruits we moved onto the apples which was really good. I was not sure of these at first as the cardamom is strong, but everyone enjoyed them. My daughter and I are actually eating a new bag of them now while I am typing.

 Next the veggies. Started with the roast peppers mainly because they were bright, and kids love bright colored foods. Well it was a hit. The kids really like these ones. The pepper is flavorful and even has little roast marks on them. Next up was the beets and this was the only one most of us disliked. Beets are an acquired taste. One of my friends has a foster son who LOVED the beets. Do not skip over them it may have just been my kids so let you kids try them out. I give my kids credit because they tried them and that is all I ask is to try everything. Then last but not least the snap peas. The kids loved them. They tasted just like fresh snap peas minus the crunch. Warning, the peas in the middle may be a little crunchy. They are definitely good.

Fresh Bellies were a success

 So out of all the flavors we enjoyed most of them. They did not last till the next day because they were so good. The freeze-dried snacks we tried are 12 months and up. My daughter sucked on the apple snack and loved them, but I would wait till 12 months. I would try the baby foods for under 12 months. They had great combinations. Unfortunately, my baby girl does no eat baby food, so we did not try them. I am excited to have tried these with my kids. The kids loved them, and they tried new veggies which is a huge thing for us, especially Gavin. It is so important to introduce vegetables and fruits separate to your kid’s so that they learn to enjoy them.

  Before I had my kids try these I checked them out. I always love seeing new food products for kids. I quickly learned that they are the first ever veggie forward all-natural toddler snack and baby food. Since getting kids to eat vegetables is a struggle for many parents I really was pleased that something like this was finally being made. Even more so adding herbs and spices. The earlier kids try different foods and spices the more they will enjoy them growing up. These little kids have brand new palates and us as parents have to introduce all the healthy foods and flavors as soon as we can. Click the link below if you want to check them out and maybe buy some.

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Must have baby items

So many Mom’s ask me what are my must have baby item’s. I have had four kids over the last seventeen years and definitely do have some favorites. One thing I learned after baby number two is there are too many baby products that are truly a waste of money. It makes it so hard to figure out what is needed and what is not needed. One item I tell every mom they do not need is a wipe warmer. Please do not waste your money on this. It is an overall consensus among the moms I know that this item is one of the biggest wastes of money.

 I decided to share what my top 20 must have baby items is in hopes that it will help new Mom’s sort through the millions of baby items sold today. If you click on any picture it will connect you to (I do need to let you know as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases click the button if you would like to learn more.)

1.) Halo Bassinets Swivel Sleeper

 This bassinet although a bit expensive is worth the cost. At night it gets very tiring getting up and down to wake with the baby. This bassinet sits right up to the bed. It protects the baby but with the parent’s weight you can push the side down to easily access the baby. It makes night feeding easier and checking on the baby much easier. The feet of the bassinet easily slide under the bed which allows it to sit right up next to the side of the mattress.

2.) Wonder Miracle Fluffy Swaddle

 There are so many swaddle options, but I found my children really liked these ones. First off they are super soft which I always love. Second off they are so easy to put on the baby which is a must especially late at night. If you can quickly swaddle them back up they quickly are back to sleep. My worry was they would get to hot but this was not a problem in my home. You may want to watch if your home runs warmer. But I absolutely loved them as did my babies.

3.) Iniuniu Large Unisex Baby Backpack

 Where do I start when it comes to diapers bags? I have gone through way too many. But this is the best one and it is built to last. I look for lots of zippers and pocket so the diaper bag can be organized which is a huge deal when you have multiple kids. It is also a backpack which to me is perfect. As a new parent you already have your hands full. Because of that you want a backpack as it makes things so much easier.

4.) Graco DuetSoothe Baby Swing

 My kids loved swings as did I so I could get things done around the house. What is great about this is it is a swing/rocker combo. You can detach the rocker and carry it to another room. Not only did that help me when I wanted the baby right near me it also saved so much room. Baby items can take up a lot of space and this give you two great baby soothers in one. I can not express how much this was a life saver for me.

5.) Ergobaby Carrier Omni 360

 If your baby likes to be held a lot which most do this can be a life saver once they hit the right size. You can wear this in the house and out. It can be used as the baby grows for a long time. You also can purchase the infant insert so when the babies are little they fit. It is a huge help for Moms so that they can get things done and the baby gets to feel the comfort and closeness they truly need.

6.) Nanobebe Breast milk Baby Bottles

 Not all women breast fed and in my book fed is best. But in my case I do breastfed by babies and nipple confusion was a huge concern of mine. These bottles are great for all babies especially breastfed ones. They resemble a breast, are easy to clean and do not create nipple confusion. At least they did not in my case. I was really excited about this bottle and it met all my expectations.

7.) Boritar Baby Blanket

 If you are looking for a good multi-purpose blanket that is not super costly you have found it here. As I said before I absolutely love a soft blanket and this one was my favorite. The blanket is my favorite, I carry it all year long and my babies love it. I use it to sit the baby on at the park, to block the sun and cuddle the baby. I like that as different material on each side.

8.) Shynerk Baby Car Mirror

 For me, the driving with my baby was scary. I always worried if they were ok. I recommend a baby mirror. It gives you piece of mind while driving which is a must. Also, when the baby gets bigger they see themselves in it which is always entertaining. This one fit well in the car and was a great price point.

9.) Safety 1st Deluxe 25-Piece Baby Healthcare Grooming Kit

 I always recommend this this to parents. I actually get a new one with every pregnancy. It gives you all the grooming items you need. On top of that it also gives you a thermometer and comes in a cute little zip bag to keep it all together. I love that all the items are good quality and will be needed with a baby. The only thing I do not use is the nose bulb because I love number 10 on my list better.

10.) NeilMed Nasabulb

 So, for many moms you are given a little blue bulb in the hospital and those to me never seem to work. On top of the fact all the snot just gets sucked into it. These clear ones were a miracle to me. First off they suck out everything and you do not have to do it over and over. But second off the tip screws off so you clean it. I was so happy with that feature. It also helps that it is clear so you can see inside.

11.) UPPAbaby MESA Infant Car Seat

 If you are looking for an amazing car seat this is the one. Now it is expensive. It may not be affordable for you but if it is get it. This car seat is very solid and protects the baby. It is easy to carry and the baby insert inside makes the baby amazingly comfortable as well as secure. On top of that it is the simplest car seat my husband has ever installed. This purchase was the best.

12.) UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller

 If you get the car seat above you need the stroller. This stroller folds up and takes truly little room. The car seat snaps in super easy and comes out with the push button on the handle. It rides really smooth as well. It comes with a bassinet you can connect on which I find very convenient but then as they get bigger it has the normal infant seat to click in. These strollers also have added on options such as to add another seat and even a wooden stand board for older kids. This purchase is worth it 100x over.

13.) Medela Pump in Style Advanced with Tote

 In the pumping world there are some new editions but in the 17-year span of being a parent this pump has been the best. It is easy to carry, easy to function and easy to clean. Medela is the best bump out there hands down.

14.) Organic Burp Cloths 5-pack

 For a burp cloth I find the ones that are thicker are the best. These burp cloths are thick, absorbent and a cute design. But the shape is what makes them the best they stay and fit where they need to unlike the normal burp cloths out there.

15.) Baby Monitor with Remote Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera with LCD Infrared Night Vision

 A baby monitor is a must if you have your baby in a crib and you are not there. I have always preferred the ones with the camera so you can see and hear your baby. It is important to have these two functions. What is even better is if they have good night vision. It gives you piece of mind. Many baby monitors are pretty costly but this one has a really good price point.

16.) Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor

 Along with a good monitor if you can afford the Owlet Smart Sock please get it. It gives parents a piece of mind. Most parents sleep lightly and check on their baby a ton worried that they are safe and breathing. This monitors you baby and alerts you if anything is wrong. It truly is a blessing!

17.) Shusher Portable White Noise Sound Machine

 The key to getting most babies to sleep is white noise. If you ever notice people shushing their babies it creates white noise to soothe the baby. This is portable, you can bring it anywhere. You can hook it to the car seat and the diaper bag. It can be a life saver.

18.) Pampers Pure Protection Disposable Diapers

 All my babies have been in Pampers from the moment they are born. My last baby has super sensitive skin. There diapers are the best. They fit her perfectly even as she has began crawling all over. Her skin is not affected at all by them. She does not get red or break out anymore. These diapers are amazing.

19.) Pampers Aqua Pure Sensitive Diaper Wipes

 We use these along with the diapers above and the redness has stopped. With other wipes when we wiped her she would turn bright red but with these nothing. The Pampers Pure line is the way to go if you baby suffers from sensitive skin or if you just want the best for your baby in my opinion.

20.) Aquaphor

 Do not forget to buy this. Buy the jar version. This is a miracle ointment. It can be used to heal diaper rashes quickly and gently. Any red or dry spots on a baby put this on it works quickly. If your baby has eczema try this as well. We use this on my baby’s eczema and on my older kids’ skin. I recommend this over most other lotions and over all diaper rash creams.

I hope some of my must have baby items help you out in the future with your new baby. They truly are my favorite baby items that I would not suggest if I did not personal love them.

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Being creative with Chalkola

 Since about March our world has changed. My son Gavin was in kindergarten and doing sports. My daughter Harper who is 4, loved going to drop him off and pick him up. Even more, she had also made friends at his school. My teenager was living his life with dances, going to games, and being a junior in high school. To top it off I had a young baby at home. Then everything stopped. We had to find ways to fill the time. Being creative with Chalkola is one way we have filled that time.

 Aside from now needing to home school the older two kids, I had a lot of time to fill. The new question was, what can we do at home now that things have shut down? I needed to get creative. We built forts, threw water balloons on our patio, played board games all day every day and much more. But after a month, things got boring. Furthermore, I have little kids with tons of energy and no understanding of why we could not go anywhere.

 Well thank goodness for Pinterest. They have all these art’s and craft’s ideas. But you know what my kids loved the most? It was drawing on my white board. Who knew that a small white board on my wall could be a source of so much fun? I had bought it for work. Although I will do anything for my kids so if they wanted the white board it was theirs. I may not understand why they found so much fun in that, but it did not matter because they were occupied. They were also not fighting and were having fun together.

 But the only color I had to write with was black. I was not about to go to a store searching for more colors. When I found Chalkola I was so excited. You can get a box of 30 colored chalk markers. What is even better is, they work on the white boards, chalk boards and so many other surfaces. We now have a chalk board and a white board for them to draw on. They have created so many fun drawings. They would even play made up games and tic-tac-toe. Even better, they could erase it and start over without needing to waste paper. But, a huge plus was they are not messy like regular chalk.

The next best thing is I could use them. Adults like to be creative too. I used the different colors to create a sign for my baby’s 9-month picture and a sign for my Sunday sweets recipe. These are seriously perfect. Chalkola makes chalk markers and they also have cute chalkboards for sale. They write so easily; you can create so many things and they do not make a mess. To top it off, they are not expensive. I am a person looking for a deal at every turn. These were inexpensive and so much fun for the entire family.

Being creative with Chalkola can be done using their chalk marker’s, dot marker’s or their watercolor brush pens. On top of that they also have acrylic paints and paint markers. I have not tried the acrylic products yet. Being creative with Chalkola chalk markers has been so much fun and we cant wait to try the other products out.

 If you would like to check them out, there are a few ways to do so. One way is on, this is their website. USE MY CODE JENN10 FOR 10% OFF! Your order gets to you quickly. Another bonus is you do not have to go into stores since people are still social distancing. I really hope you and your family enjoy these products as much as we do! Please share what you are doing to keep your kids happy during this time. When you buy some Chalkola products I would love to see how you and your family uses them. Being creative with Chalkola is so much fun!

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Best travel diaper bag

 I have four kids. One who is a teen, well actually almost an adult. My other three are young. They are 6 years old, 4 years old and 9 months. Because my kid’s are on the younger side this Mama needs a amazing diaper bag. I get overwhelmed shopping for diaper bags. It overwhelms me because of all the choices of bags out there. I have tried many. Some where very expensive. But a few of them were $20.00. I finally found the best travel diaper bag and I love it.

 I know a lot of Mom’s are in love with many of the more expensive brands. They are nice. But there are certain things I learned I needed in a bag when having multiple kid’s. I have always looked past popular brands. However, I needed to focus more towards what items have to offer me. So, when I came across this bag I was incredibly pleased. I actually bought two so I would have back up if we needed an extra one.

My favorite diaper bag is by a company called Iniuniu. It is their large unisex diaper backpack. There are many reasons why this to me is so much better than the other ones I have tried. First off let me tell you what I normally carry in my diaper bag:

  • baby diapers
  • underwear
  • back up outfit for each child
  • Wipes
  • Sunscreen (we are in southern California)
  • 2 bottles of water
  • sippy cup
  • baby snacks
  • big kid snacks
  • Mommy snacks
  • 2 iPad’s
  • random toys x 3 kids
  • blanket
  • makeup bag
  • Wallet
  • 2 nighttime pull ups
  • Keys
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Miscellaneous items depending on where we are going
Grey backpack diaper bag with handle and gold zippers.
Travel diaper bag packed with everything listed.

This is what I need for my little ones. Due to me having multiple kid’s I quickly learned I had more kids then hands. needed a backpack. It also needed to be comfortable. I also wanted it to fit my husband and I. Because I am 5’6 and my husband is 6 feet tall it sometimes is a problem. Additionally, I wanted it to be unisex. The two handles at the top make it was easy to grab from the back seat. Another great feature is the bag has stroller clips. The best part was the zipper on the side in the back where the two iPad’s easily fit. It also comes with the changing pad, but most bags do.

 No matter what you want to carry there is a pocket for it. There are regular ones, insulated ones and even a mesh one. For example I have a pocket for each child’s small toys they want to bring. In other words we all need more pockets in a diaper bag. Furthermore, it helps for organization. This bag is simply perfect. I am just trying to save some Mom’s a bit of time in choosing a bag. Also, help you save some money. This is my favorite out of about 10 bags/backpacks we have owned. It also comes with a free small gift inside.

If you want to check it out click the link below. This truly is the best travel diaper bag for every occasion (I do need to let you know as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases click the button if you would like to learn more).