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Chocolate lava cake

Sunday sweets week two!! Having 4 kids makes things difficult at times. But I am sticking to Sunday sweets, and as our new tradition we will do it. But at times with kids being kids some weeks the desserts will be simple. Also other times complex if the kids are more focused but we will all take part. Either way we will do it together. This week I got to pick. I was really excited. What did I choose? Chocolate lava cake made in a crock pot. I love making things in a crock pot. So chocolate lava cake in a crock pot was perfect. It is so easy. This is the first dessert I have every made in one. I was really hoping it would turn out good. (It did.)

 We also had a special guest to our Sunday sweets chocolate lave cake making event. My son’s girlfriend, Kiera. She will most likely join us in other dessert making adventures in the future. Furthermore, it is always a joy having her join our family. She also joins in and has a good time too. That means we had all seven of us joining in. Except the baby. If she tried to help it would have been a disaster. Maybe next time will let her help us out.

 This recipe does not require a lot of ingredients. It is easy to make and inexpensive. The ingredients needed are as follows:

Chocolate cake mix (any kind)



Vegetable oil

Chocolate pudding (the instant one, we used the whole box)

Chocolate chips

Pan spray

Optional: vanilla ice cream

 You need a crock pot to cook it in. I know this is pretty obvious but just saying it in case. It is pretty simple from this point. Just follow the instructions below and you will be good. I love simple. With a family of six simple is key to getting things done. To begin the kids mix the cake mix following the box directions. I sprayed the inside of the crock pot with pam spray. Next we poured the mix into the crock pot. The kids mixed the Jell-O in a separate bowl and poured it on top of the cake mix. After this, we all sprinkled chocolate chips on top. Set the crock pot on high for 2 hour or a bit more.

 Now we started a little late. So, it was not done until almost eight at night. But this Mama picked a good dessert to try. It was so good, and I would make it again. One thing was making sure you wait till the edges are spongy looking. We served it in bowls with vanilla bean ice cream. Everyone loved. The baby got to try some too. I mark this one a success.

 Also know if a dessert we choose does not work out we will let you know. We choose new desserts every week. Even though some may not turn out to our liking we will be honest. What is important is we are making memories. It is so important to create fun traditions for your family too. The kids will remember this and that makes me incredibly happy.

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    Theresa Shivvers
    June 29, 2020 at 3:18 pm

    That looks AWESOME!! Going to try it at our house!!😃

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