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Cinnamon donut holes

 Welcome back to our new family tradition of Sunday sweets! This week we are making Cinnamon donut holes. This is going to being a morning creation verse our typical dinner dessert.These are super easy to make. If you are new to my page let me just say now I have four kids. Three of them are 6 and under so easy recipes are key. Even more so it is important they are easy because the kid’s like to help.

 Let us begin with what we need to make these. It is literally only four ingredients:

  • butter (6 tablespoons)
  • cinnamon (1 tablespoon)
  • sugar (1/2 cup)
  • Pillsbury Biscuits (1 container which is 8 biscuits)
cinnamon donut holes sign with biscut can blue and red. Butter containter blue and yellow \. Sugar cinnamon and pam

 The best thing with having an easy recipe is my little helpers can easily feel like they are making the dessert. Since starting this new tradition every Friday, my 6-year-old asks what we are making. This definitely warms my heart!

 So, let us get started, my husband will start preheating the oven to whatever the can says which in our case it is 350. While this is being done the kids get a pretty shallow dish and take turns spraying Pam in it, so we do not have sticking problems. At this point if you have little helper too either the adult will cut the biscuits into 4 parts or help the child. Since our children are 4, 6 and 16 we help the younger two and the oldest can do it on his own. Also, because we had enough biscuits to cut up everyone got to help and then everyone got to roll the cut-up pieces into balls.

 Next my husband melted the butter in the microwave. In an additional bowl the kids mixed the sugar and cinnamon. Which may have been a bit of a mess but what is cooking without a mess. My husband dipped the dough balls in the butter just in case it was hot and then the real mess started. The kids and I dipped the balls in the sugar cinnamon mix and let just say little hands were covered.

 After we did all the fun messy parts of the recipe we started lining them up one next to another in the dish and we cooked them for 15 minutes. Due to our oven seeming to cook things fast it only took 15 minutes. Just know it can take anywhere from 15-20 minutes so just watch them carefully. The smell of cinnamon is so nice, and it filled the house. We let them cool for about ten minutes and then ate them. They were so good and such a treat for breakfast!

round balls of dough in a clear glass pan covered in cinnamon and sugar

 I wish we had made more of the Cinnamon donut holes they were so good. But the kids loved helping and more so loved eating all of them. If you have a bigger family make more because they go fast. A friend told me to add some frosting. Although to me they were sweet enough and did not really need more so we opted out of that. If you try making these let me know how they turn out please! Happy Sunday everyone.

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    Theresa Shivvers
    July 13, 2020 at 12:02 am

    Great idea!!! They are really enjoying themselves!!! Love, love, love it!❤️

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