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Father’s Day in our home.

As in many families you go out and celebrate the dad and grandpa in your family. Father’s Day is a day full of love. If you do not live near them face time, calling or sending something special may be ways of celebrating. Dads are amazing. They teach and love their kids in a way no one else can. A dad can be blood related or not. It is what they do in our life’s that earn them the title dad.

 In the Shivicks home Father’s Day is a particularly important day. We celebrate the fathers who are here. If they are no longer alive we honor them. We sadly are missing one of the dad’s in our home. Have been for 11 years now. Just because he is not here does not mean we forget about him. We also have my husband and my stepdad in town. Then there is my father in Virginia as well as my husband’s father in Iowa. Not to long ago my husband and I both lost our grandfathers. Both were great men.

 So, what are we doing? This year it is pretty simple. With the virus going on there is not much you can do. My husband is pretty easy. We made some homemade gifts. He got one gift early. Then he wants Buffalo Wild Wings. That is his favorite place to eat. But we are picking the food up instead of eating there. My stepdad is also picking his food up so we can all meet together.

 We will all meet up at Matt’s headstone. If you have not read posts before on my blog my oldest son’s father has passed away. There at the grave site we are going to have a picnic. The best part is he is buried overlooking the ocean. It will not be too hot. It is so peaceful. This allows all fathers near us to be celebrated together in one place.

 At some point in the day I will call my dad. My husband will call his. All in all, it is a celebration of these important men. You do not always have to do something big. It truly is about spending time with them. Making them know how important they are to us all. Just spending time with one another.

 So, what do we get these dads of ours? Well that depends. Some know what they want. Maybe a tool set or a video game. I found a lot of homemade dad gifts that were easy. For Matthews dad we bring flowers. When he was younger he would make something for him. The first year he brought his dad Lego characters to leave him. There are so many things you can do.

What is most important especially in blended families? You need to make sure you show appreciation towards the father figures. There are not always the traditional dad’s in every family. There may be more then one dad or father figure in a home. It is important to let them know on this day and all days how much you appreciate them

To the families like ours where a father who has died. I am so sorry for your loss, but their memory lives on within you. Celebrate their life and know wherever they are now they love you. Find ways to celebrate them in your own way. Happy Father’s Day!!!

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