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Kid’s trying new food’s and flavors

My kid’s eating habits.

 I have 4 kids. Aria who is 9 months and tries anything we give her. Harper is 4 and she will try almost anything but may not like it afterwards. Then Gavin is 6 who is our picky eater and also does not eat a lot. Followed by Matthew who is 16 who use to love most foods but not so much anymore. For me I will try just about anything and have a great palate, but my kids are learning. When I came across Fresh Bellies I was so excited. Kid’s trying new food’s and flavor’s is especially important to me.

4 kids; two boys and two girls. Outside sitting on a blanket on the grass wearing pastel colors. They all eat fresh bellies snacks.

Fresh Bellies

 Fresh Bellies is such a great way to introduce fruits and veggies along with herbs and spices at a young age. Even better they not only offer freeze dried fruits and veggies but also offer baby food with amazing food profiles. Their products are not only made with full organic ingredients they also have no preservatives or added sweetener’s. The great thing is the snack bags only use 3 Non-GMO ingredients and are freeze dried only. If you try the baby food out the lids come with a spoon to use making it convenient and healthy.

What did my Kid’s think?

 We all headed to the park to play some ball and run around. This was the perfect time to bring the Fresh Bellies snacks to try out. After everyone stopped playing we all sat down to try them. My husband and I also tried them. We had 6 flavors to try:

  1. Apples and Cardamom
  2. Snap Peas and Cumin
  3. Roasted Peppers, Sunflower Oil and Sea Salt
  4. Mango and Basil
  5. Beets and Thyme
  6. Strawberries and Balsamic

As you can see they do not mix vegetable and fruit flavors so that kids learn to enjoy fruits AND vegetables on their own.

Orange, pink , red, purple, dark green, and light green bags of toddler snacks by fresh bellies in a purple box sitting on green grass.

 We started with the strawberries and they were amazing. The combination of flavors was perfect. Everyone loved this one. I mean most people love strawberries, so I was not to worried about this. Then we moved on to the Mango. Now I am not a huge fan of mango’s, but they were better than the strawberries. All my kids like the Mango and Basil but my 16-year-old finished off the whole bag. Since we already started with fruits we moved onto the apples which was really good. I was not sure of these at first as the cardamom is strong, but everyone enjoyed them. My daughter and I are actually eating a new bag of them now while I am typing.

 Next the veggies. Started with the roast peppers mainly because they were bright, and kids love bright colored foods. Well it was a hit. The kids really like these ones. The pepper is flavorful and even has little roast marks on them. Next up was the beets and this was the only one most of us disliked. Beets are an acquired taste. One of my friends has a foster son who LOVED the beets. Do not skip over them it may have just been my kids so let you kids try them out. I give my kids credit because they tried them and that is all I ask is to try everything. Then last but not least the snap peas. The kids loved them. They tasted just like fresh snap peas minus the crunch. Warning, the peas in the middle may be a little crunchy. They are definitely good.

Fresh Bellies were a success

 So out of all the flavors we enjoyed most of them. They did not last till the next day because they were so good. The freeze-dried snacks we tried are 12 months and up. My daughter sucked on the apple snack and loved them, but I would wait till 12 months. I would try the baby foods for under 12 months. They had great combinations. Unfortunately, my baby girl does no eat baby food, so we did not try them. I am excited to have tried these with my kids. The kids loved them, and they tried new veggies which is a huge thing for us, especially Gavin. It is so important to introduce vegetables and fruits separate to your kid’s so that they learn to enjoy them.

  Before I had my kids try these I checked them out. I always love seeing new food products for kids. I quickly learned that they are the first ever veggie forward all-natural toddler snack and baby food. Since getting kids to eat vegetables is a struggle for many parents I really was pleased that something like this was finally being made. Even more so adding herbs and spices. The earlier kids try different foods and spices the more they will enjoy them growing up. These little kids have brand new palates and us as parents have to introduce all the healthy foods and flavors as soon as we can. Click the link below if you want to check them out and maybe buy some.

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