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Loving my body after baby

This year I turn 37. In my 37 years I have had four beautiful babies. I also have had 3 miscarriages. Being pregnant 7 times is a lot on a woman’s body. I remember being 18 and a size 5. Well that size is long gone, and my body has completely changed. I struggle with my postpartum body. Coming from being this tiny little thing to 180 pounds is hard to swallow. But im loving my body after a baby, well after 4 babies.

 In the world media is filled with women who bounce back to a size 0 a week after having a baby. They do not share all the images of what many women look like afterwards. Mostly because it does not fit the image media wants to show. This is so damaging to women. It took me a long time to realize how beautiful and amazing our bodies are. There is no reason why media should only show these “perfect” people. Because our bodies after birth are amazing.

pregnant women 38 weels black sports bra side belly picture loving her body

 I have always been hard on myself. Since the age of about 14 I was overly concerned with body image. After my first baby at 19 I had stretch marks and my boobs sagged from breast feeding. I did not feel better about myself till I lost a ton of weight and people started noticing. Why is it people only say you look good when you lose weight? From 2014-2019 I was pregnant 6 times and I went full term with 3 babies. Writing this now I see what a miracle my body is. But I still was ashamed. I felt fat. There were parts of my body that made me feel horrible about myself. The older I got the harder it was to get back my postpartum body.

brown haired white women 40 week pregnant taking picture of bare belly

 But finally, about two weeks ago I looked in the mirror. Looking at my body I said to myself, my body has been through a lot and I look surprisingly good. I have birthed 4 healthy babies. On top of that I have breast fed those babies. My arms have carried each child, hugged them, and kept them safe. How can I not love what I see? I finally realized I needed to stop worrying about what our society burns into our heads and just love me. My weight is just a number it is more about how I feel health wise.

white girl blonde hair black sport bra stomach showing loving her body after a baby

 So everyday I look in the mirror and find something I love. My stretch marks are perfect and my “baby pooch” was earned. Yes, I may lose some weight down the line because I want to feel healthy, but I am not losing it to fit an image. I love my big breasts and even though some may think they look deflated they fed all of my babies. Those gave my kids so much nutrients and kept them healthy. My hips may be wider but there is nothing wrong with curves.

blond girl white skin brown eyes smiling

 Today I am finally seeing me and loving me. Although it is not easy to not get wrapped up in negativity, it is do able. It is a work in progress. Self-love Is not always easy but it is worth it. So, to women out there being hard on themselves because they are not bouncing back the way Hollywood women do please love yourself. Please know your worth. Woman of all shapes and sizes need to see how amazing we are and not be so hard on ourselves.

 Im loving my body after a baby by doing these things:

1.)           Once a day I look in the mirror and find something I love

2.)           When I put on clothes I do not say or think negative things

3.)           I look at my kids and say to myself you made them, and you are amazing

4.)           I am not setting body goals but just enjoying my baby

5.)           Do not look at women in Hollywood as examples of where you should be

 Remember our bodies are perfect. There is only one of you. You are perfect in your own way. Postpartum bodies are strong, perfect, and gorgeous. Loving my body after a baby is such an amazing feeling. Sending love out to not only all the Mom’s but to everyone women. It is not easy being a woman in today’s society.

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    Erica Smith
    July 10, 2020 at 7:30 am

    I absolutely love this as I too suffer with body image issues. Thank you, i needed to hear all the words on this post🥰

    So, from here on out, ill be follwing your steps to try and have a more positive outlook on the body that birth 2 beautiful babies just 14 months apart and went through major surgery just 10 weeks postpartum with my 1st. I forget, often, how hard that was and how amazing it is that I’m still going strong. Thanks mama!❤🧡💛💚💙💜

  • Reply
    Theresa Shivvers
    July 13, 2020 at 12:08 am

    You are awesome!!! That’s what happens when you have an adult body instead of a teenager!! Beautiful either way!!!❤️❤️❤️

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