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Oreo brownies with chocolate chips

 The Shivicks are starting a new tradition. Every Sunday is now Sunday sweets day in our home. One kid will pick a dessert recipe we have not had yet, and we will make it. We are all excited about this. So, to start our tradition Gavin picked the first dessert. The dessert we will be making is Oreo Brownies with chocolate chips.

These Oreo brownies with chocolate chips are pretty simple to make. The kids got to help. We really did not need much to make them. Just a box of brownies. A bag of small morsels (chocolate chips). Then we of course need a small container of Oreo’s. You will also need the ingredients listed on your brownie box.

Everyone in the family helped except the baby. She tried but it would have been everywhere. The kids cracked the eggs. Then poured the water and oil. Then the two younger ones mixed it all with help of dad. I got to put chocolate chips in. I may have eaten some too.

After this my husband poured half the mix into and 8×8 pan. My teenager then came in to place the first few Oreo’s in before everyone else helped finish lining them up in the pan. To finish it off my husband then poured the remaining batter over all the cookies and put it into the oven for the amount specified on the brownie box.

Then our home filled with a smell of warming chocolate. About 20-30 min later depending on the directions and your oven you get this pretty picture. It looks good and smells amazing. It also did not last long enough for me to get a picture of it cut on a plate.

The entire family decided we can never eat regular brownies again after this. I hope you try them out. They are amazing!

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