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Back to school

 As with most parents this year has been crazy. From hearing about a virus, to our kid’s school shutting down and the continuing roller coaster of covid-19. There is no way to plan what is coming next. Furthermore, what is happening with the kids going back to school in the fall. There is so much confusion and way too many opinion’s out there.

 For my family we are currently divided on what to do with this up coming year. It does not make things any easier that we have one child in high school for his senior year and the other one in first grade. This means we are dealing with 2 school districts. To top it off the school districts have different ideas on going back to school next month.

 For myself I do not know who to believe about covid-19 and how sick it can or can not make you. Because I do not really know who to believe I do not want to take a chance sending my kids back to school at this time. Having a baby at home worries me due to her immune system not being fully developed yet. That is enough for me to keep them out of school and stay online only until we see a huge drop in this numbers for this virus.

They are missing out on socialization. My kid’s are truly missing their friends. School and sports were particularly important to our children as well as many other’s I know. I really pray every day that this virus goes away, and life become more normal.

e young male wearing yellow shirt and black pants with black cleats for baseball.

 Our school’s have announced what their plans are for now. The high school will go one day a week and the 4 days online. The elementary school is going 5 days a week unless told otherwise. This can all change any minute. This was what happened with business’s just yesterday. It is just a complete mess.

A blonde woman with floral top and black pants wearing a pink mask talking to a young child talking about wanting to go back to school

 For my husband it is pretty simple he thinks all kids should go back. On top of that he thinks that social distancing and masks are not necessary. I can not wrap my head around that type of thinking. There is something out there making people extremely ill. Although many kids are not getting sick their teachers could. I myself think every life matter’s and do not want to take the risk. My husband and I are going to need to come to some middle ground because each school offer’s full online schooling as a choice. That being said I want to make the best choice for my kids.

white male boy 6 years old in paper black and yellow kindergarten graduation hat, with white kindergarten diploma. He was not able to go back to school due to covid-19

 I know I am not alone in this confusion. There are many parents out there that need their kids in school. They need to work. But on top of that some parent’s like my self do not feel their kids learn the best from us. Before all of this b I never wanted to home school, but I did it from March till the end of the school year. I just do not want to. My kids really love going to school. My teenager is in his senior year. If things do not start normalizing soon he is going to miss out on so much and it truly is not fair. What are all the other parent’s feeling? What is the right choice for your family? Please share as I love hearing other perspectives on this unique situation we are facing as parents this year.

 What I ask myself:

  1. Is it to big of a risk to go back now?
  2. Will they learn what they need to from me?
  3. How can me and my husband compromise?
  4. What sources can you are really trust?
  5. What will the consequences be socially and educationally by keeping my children home?
  6. Will one day a week verse all online be vastly different?
  7. Is this all a political stunt?
  8. How do I teach a young child to socially distance at school?
  9. Is it worth putting the teachers in jeopardy?
  10. How do I prepare my kids for another odd school year?

 That being said I am still very confused. No one said parenting is easy. It is made much harder when our country and society is so mixed on what the next step is for school.

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Cinnamon donut holes

 Welcome back to our new family tradition of Sunday sweets! This week we are making Cinnamon donut holes. This is going to being a morning creation verse our typical dinner dessert.These are super easy to make. If you are new to my page let me just say now I have four kids. Three of them are 6 and under so easy recipes are key. Even more so it is important they are easy because the kid’s like to help.

 Let us begin with what we need to make these. It is literally only four ingredients:

  • butter (6 tablespoons)
  • cinnamon (1 tablespoon)
  • sugar (1/2 cup)
  • Pillsbury Biscuits (1 container which is 8 biscuits)
cinnamon donut holes sign with biscut can blue and red. Butter containter blue and yellow \. Sugar cinnamon and pam

 The best thing with having an easy recipe is my little helpers can easily feel like they are making the dessert. Since starting this new tradition every Friday, my 6-year-old asks what we are making. This definitely warms my heart!

 So, let us get started, my husband will start preheating the oven to whatever the can says which in our case it is 350. While this is being done the kids get a pretty shallow dish and take turns spraying Pam in it, so we do not have sticking problems. At this point if you have little helper too either the adult will cut the biscuits into 4 parts or help the child. Since our children are 4, 6 and 16 we help the younger two and the oldest can do it on his own. Also, because we had enough biscuits to cut up everyone got to help and then everyone got to roll the cut-up pieces into balls.

 Next my husband melted the butter in the microwave. In an additional bowl the kids mixed the sugar and cinnamon. Which may have been a bit of a mess but what is cooking without a mess. My husband dipped the dough balls in the butter just in case it was hot and then the real mess started. The kids and I dipped the balls in the sugar cinnamon mix and let just say little hands were covered.

 After we did all the fun messy parts of the recipe we started lining them up one next to another in the dish and we cooked them for 15 minutes. Due to our oven seeming to cook things fast it only took 15 minutes. Just know it can take anywhere from 15-20 minutes so just watch them carefully. The smell of cinnamon is so nice, and it filled the house. We let them cool for about ten minutes and then ate them. They were so good and such a treat for breakfast!

round balls of dough in a clear glass pan covered in cinnamon and sugar

 I wish we had made more of the Cinnamon donut holes they were so good. But the kids loved helping and more so loved eating all of them. If you have a bigger family make more because they go fast. A friend told me to add some frosting. Although to me they were sweet enough and did not really need more so we opted out of that. If you try making these let me know how they turn out please! Happy Sunday everyone.

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Loving my body after baby

This year I turn 37. In my 37 years I have had four beautiful babies. I also have had 3 miscarriages. Being pregnant 7 times is a lot on a woman’s body. I remember being 18 and a size 5. Well that size is long gone, and my body has completely changed. I struggle with my postpartum body. Coming from being this tiny little thing to 180 pounds is hard to swallow. But im loving my body after a baby, well after 4 babies.

 In the world media is filled with women who bounce back to a size 0 a week after having a baby. They do not share all the images of what many women look like afterwards. Mostly because it does not fit the image media wants to show. This is so damaging to women. It took me a long time to realize how beautiful and amazing our bodies are. There is no reason why media should only show these “perfect” people. Because our bodies after birth are amazing.

pregnant women 38 weels black sports bra side belly picture loving her body

 I have always been hard on myself. Since the age of about 14 I was overly concerned with body image. After my first baby at 19 I had stretch marks and my boobs sagged from breast feeding. I did not feel better about myself till I lost a ton of weight and people started noticing. Why is it people only say you look good when you lose weight? From 2014-2019 I was pregnant 6 times and I went full term with 3 babies. Writing this now I see what a miracle my body is. But I still was ashamed. I felt fat. There were parts of my body that made me feel horrible about myself. The older I got the harder it was to get back my postpartum body.

brown haired white women 40 week pregnant taking picture of bare belly

 But finally, about two weeks ago I looked in the mirror. Looking at my body I said to myself, my body has been through a lot and I look surprisingly good. I have birthed 4 healthy babies. On top of that I have breast fed those babies. My arms have carried each child, hugged them, and kept them safe. How can I not love what I see? I finally realized I needed to stop worrying about what our society burns into our heads and just love me. My weight is just a number it is more about how I feel health wise.

white girl blonde hair black sport bra stomach showing loving her body after a baby

 So everyday I look in the mirror and find something I love. My stretch marks are perfect and my “baby pooch” was earned. Yes, I may lose some weight down the line because I want to feel healthy, but I am not losing it to fit an image. I love my big breasts and even though some may think they look deflated they fed all of my babies. Those gave my kids so much nutrients and kept them healthy. My hips may be wider but there is nothing wrong with curves.

blond girl white skin brown eyes smiling

 Today I am finally seeing me and loving me. Although it is not easy to not get wrapped up in negativity, it is do able. It is a work in progress. Self-love Is not always easy but it is worth it. So, to women out there being hard on themselves because they are not bouncing back the way Hollywood women do please love yourself. Please know your worth. Woman of all shapes and sizes need to see how amazing we are and not be so hard on ourselves.

 Im loving my body after a baby by doing these things:

1.)           Once a day I look in the mirror and find something I love

2.)           When I put on clothes I do not say or think negative things

3.)           I look at my kids and say to myself you made them, and you are amazing

4.)           I am not setting body goals but just enjoying my baby

5.)           Do not look at women in Hollywood as examples of where you should be

 Remember our bodies are perfect. There is only one of you. You are perfect in your own way. Postpartum bodies are strong, perfect, and gorgeous. Loving my body after a baby is such an amazing feeling. Sending love out to not only all the Mom’s but to everyone women. It is not easy being a woman in today’s society.

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Being creative with Chalkola

 Since about March our world has changed. My son Gavin was in kindergarten and doing sports. My daughter Harper who is 4, loved going to drop him off and pick him up. Even more, she had also made friends at his school. My teenager was living his life with dances, going to games, and being a junior in high school. To top it off I had a young baby at home. Then everything stopped. We had to find ways to fill the time. Being creative with Chalkola is one way we have filled that time.

 Aside from now needing to home school the older two kids, I had a lot of time to fill. The new question was, what can we do at home now that things have shut down? I needed to get creative. We built forts, threw water balloons on our patio, played board games all day every day and much more. But after a month, things got boring. Furthermore, I have little kids with tons of energy and no understanding of why we could not go anywhere.

 Well thank goodness for Pinterest. They have all these art’s and craft’s ideas. But you know what my kids loved the most? It was drawing on my white board. Who knew that a small white board on my wall could be a source of so much fun? I had bought it for work. Although I will do anything for my kids so if they wanted the white board it was theirs. I may not understand why they found so much fun in that, but it did not matter because they were occupied. They were also not fighting and were having fun together.

 But the only color I had to write with was black. I was not about to go to a store searching for more colors. When I found Chalkola I was so excited. You can get a box of 30 colored chalk markers. What is even better is, they work on the white boards, chalk boards and so many other surfaces. We now have a chalk board and a white board for them to draw on. They have created so many fun drawings. They would even play made up games and tic-tac-toe. Even better, they could erase it and start over without needing to waste paper. But, a huge plus was they are not messy like regular chalk.

The next best thing is I could use them. Adults like to be creative too. I used the different colors to create a sign for my baby’s 9-month picture and a sign for my Sunday sweets recipe. These are seriously perfect. Chalkola makes chalk markers and they also have cute chalkboards for sale. They write so easily; you can create so many things and they do not make a mess. To top it off, they are not expensive. I am a person looking for a deal at every turn. These were inexpensive and so much fun for the entire family.

Being creative with Chalkola can be done using their chalk marker’s, dot marker’s or their watercolor brush pens. On top of that they also have acrylic paints and paint markers. I have not tried the acrylic products yet. Being creative with Chalkola chalk markers has been so much fun and we cant wait to try the other products out.

 If you would like to check them out, there are a few ways to do so. One way is on https://www.chalkola.com/?rfsn=4388638.e1495f, this is their website. USE MY CODE JENN10 FOR 10% OFF! Your order gets to you quickly. Another bonus is you do not have to go into stores since people are still social distancing. I really hope you and your family enjoy these products as much as we do! Please share what you are doing to keep your kids happy during this time. When you buy some Chalkola products I would love to see how you and your family uses them. Being creative with Chalkola is so much fun!

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Fruity Pebble’s rice krispy treat’s

 This week’s Sunday Sweet’s recipe is Fruity Pebble’s rice krispy treat’s. My son Matthew got to pick this week. Although he did not want to help make it which is fine. Not only do they look fun, but they are super yummy. Regular rice Krispy treats are so good but Fruity Pebble’s cereal is my son’s favorite making this a perfect treat to make.

 Now like every week we let the kids help. This is the first dessert we have made that the kids could not safely help with everything but that is ok. There were plenty of things for them to do. Mom and Dad did the stove top stuff. Rice Krispy treats were always my favorite, but I am super excited for these Fruity Pebble’s rice krispy treat’s.

 So, the first thing is what do you need:

  • 6 cups of Fruity Pebble’s
  • 10 ounces of marshmallow’s
  • 1 ¼ cups of butter (salted)
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • A mixing bowl
  • A sauce pans
  • Spoon
  • 9×13 pan

 Now we started out letting the kids butter our glass pan. They did great. Later though my husband and I realized the pan we gave them was the wrong size! With 3 kids under 6 details can get mixed up sometimes. This mix up was discovered at the very end. We ended up spraying Pam on the right size pan and it still worked great. So, if you want to use Pam to make the pan non sticky verse butter that is fine. We did it.

pouring fruity pebbles cereal from mixing cup into glass bowl

Next my husband and I melted the butter on medium heat. Followed by adding the marshmallows into the butter. After all the marshmallows were melted we took it off the stove and added the vanilla extract. Now I have never added vanilla extract to rice Krispy treats before, but my friend says it makes these better, so we did it. It is up to you to add it or not. Afterwards we poured it into the bowl with the 6 cups of cereal.

two kids mixing rice krispy treat mix with spoon in glass bowl

 The great part is this did not take that long and the kids were patiently waiting. That never happens but this Mama will take it as a win. So, the two kids took turns mixing the melted marshmallow mixture into the cereal. Daddy poured it in first, so no one touched anything hot. After this is when we saw the buttered pan was the wrong size and quickly replaced it. Now that everything is almost done all we had left to do is put it into the pan and flatten it.

spreading rice kripsy mixture into glass pan with spatula

 Now my secret which probably is not a true secret is instead of letting it sit to cool on the shelf or in the fridge I put it into the freezer. Not for long and not when it is super-hot. But it has always worked and cools quickly. I typically use a metal pan when doing this but I did glass so I could see the colors better.

multi colored fruity pebble rice krispy treat on a blue plastic plate

 These treats turned out amazing! They took us all of 10 minutes to make. Furthermore, the kids got to help. Now we all get to enjoy a twist to our favorite childhood treat. Please try them out you will not be disappointed. During these times were there is not a lot of places to go or things to do creating new traditions together are even more fun then they use to be.

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Best travel diaper bag

 I have four kids. One who is a teen, well actually almost an adult. My other three are young. They are 6 years old, 4 years old and 9 months. Because my kid’s are on the younger side this Mama needs a amazing diaper bag. I get overwhelmed shopping for diaper bags. It overwhelms me because of all the choices of bags out there. I have tried many. Some where very expensive. But a few of them were $20.00. I finally found the best travel diaper bag and I love it.

 I know a lot of Mom’s are in love with many of the more expensive brands. They are nice. But there are certain things I learned I needed in a bag when having multiple kid’s. I have always looked past popular brands. However, I needed to focus more towards what items have to offer me. So, when I came across this bag I was incredibly pleased. I actually bought two so I would have back up if we needed an extra one.

My favorite diaper bag is by a company called Iniuniu. It is their large unisex diaper backpack. There are many reasons why this to me is so much better than the other ones I have tried. First off let me tell you what I normally carry in my diaper bag:

  • baby diapers
  • underwear
  • back up outfit for each child
  • Wipes
  • Sunscreen (we are in southern California)
  • 2 bottles of water
  • sippy cup
  • baby snacks
  • big kid snacks
  • Mommy snacks
  • 2 iPad’s
  • random toys x 3 kids
  • blanket
  • makeup bag
  • Wallet
  • 2 nighttime pull ups
  • Keys
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Miscellaneous items depending on where we are going
Grey backpack diaper bag with handle and gold zippers.
Travel diaper bag packed with everything listed.

This is what I need for my little ones. Due to me having multiple kid’s I quickly learned I had more kids then hands. needed a backpack. It also needed to be comfortable. I also wanted it to fit my husband and I. Because I am 5’6 and my husband is 6 feet tall it sometimes is a problem. Additionally, I wanted it to be unisex. The two handles at the top make it was easy to grab from the back seat. Another great feature is the bag has stroller clips. The best part was the zipper on the side in the back where the two iPad’s easily fit. It also comes with the changing pad, but most bags do.

 No matter what you want to carry there is a pocket for it. There are regular ones, insulated ones and even a mesh one. For example I have a pocket for each child’s small toys they want to bring. In other words we all need more pockets in a diaper bag. Furthermore, it helps for organization. This bag is simply perfect. I am just trying to save some Mom’s a bit of time in choosing a bag. Also, help you save some money. This is my favorite out of about 10 bags/backpacks we have owned. It also comes with a free small gift inside.

If you want to check it out click the link below. This truly is the best travel diaper bag for every occasion (I do need to let you know as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases click the button if you would like to learn more).

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My rainbow pregnancy.

My rainbow pregnancy was hard. I did not know anything about a rainbow pregnancy and had no idea what that meant. Also, I had no idea what a rainbow baby was. That all changed when I got pregnant with Gavin. Then my rainbow pregnancy began and it was emotionally hard. Someone said to me “oh that is great, your having a rainbow baby.” I had to ask what that meant. I was so happy to learn the meaning of a rainbow baby, it gave me a sense of happiness after my loss. But my rainbow pregnancy was a whole different experience.

I guess I should explain for those who do not know what a rainbow baby and pregnancy is. Well, it is the pregnancy that follows after a miscarriage, still birth or loss of a baby. It is considered the rainbow after the storm and gives parents who were grieving the loss of a baby hope with a new baby. It does not mean it replaces that loss. Nothing replaces the loss of a child. What it does do is gives us hope!

For me though a rainbow baby pregnancy is hard. With my first baby I had never had a miscarriage. Everything went smoothly with the pregnancy and birth. I had no fears. No one tells you what comes with a rainbow baby pregnancy. I do not think this happens for everyone or maybe it does. But the pregnancy is hard.

My rainbow baby pregnancies since I had three of them we exceedingly difficult on my mental health. I was in fear the whole time. The pregnancy joy was many times overwhelmed by the fear from my miscarriage. Miscarriage’s caused me to not share that I was pregnant till the first trimester was over. Every baby scan I had I would fear they would find something. I would wait till the baby moved and feel relief. Unfortunately, the relief would soon be consumed with the next fear and then the next. It was such a struggle for me to not fear my baby’s safety till they were in my arms.

I am not sure this happens to everyone. But this is my story of the struggle I had connecting with my rainbow babies while pregnant. For me, I wished I had received therapy after my miscarriages. I loved those babies. When I get pregnant I see these little humans and all they can do in the world. I may not have held them, but I loved them so much it hurt. I wish doctors would follow up on the mental health of the parents after a loss, but many do not. At least for me they did not.

As I mentioned above I lost three babies. Each loss was followed by a rainbow baby. I am so blessed to have them. God gave me the best little babies ever. I wish I had asked for help to handle the stress of rainbow pregnancies so I could have enjoyed being pregnant. It makes me incredibly sad that I did not spend more time cherishing every moment of pregnancy. Instead I lived in fear. My fears where real and valid but I did not have to struggle alone.

By my third rainbow baby I was in a panic a lot of the time. It was not healthy for my self or the baby. There are moments now I see I should have advocated for myself to get some help. My blood pressure was high due to the fear every time I went into the office something would be wrong. On top of it I had an anterior placenta. So, finding the babies heartbeat was hard. It was just a lot of my mental health not being where it needed to be. But I really am glad I got through it and birthed these beautiful little ones.

What I learned from my rainbow baby pregnancies I hope can help another Mom who struggles. Maybe it will help a Dad too. It could allow a Dad to help if they see their babies Mother struggling.

  1. If you are struggling like I was ask your doctor for help.
  2. If your doctor is not listening to you, ask for a new one.
  3. Talk to other Moms like yourself. Find a supportive group.
  4. Try to find ways to relax.
  5. Talk to your partner or family to get more support
  6. Please know you are not alone (message me if you need to someone to talk too)
  7. Try Mantra’s like: My baby is healthy or we are okay.
  8. Take a deep breath if feeling scared or sad
  9. Essential Oils can help calm your mind
  10. Always ask for help if needed.

If I were to ever have another baby I would find a doctor who specialized in mental health. I would take care of myself and build a great support team. Also, it would be important for me to find a doctor that was with me through the whole thing verse a practice that can never schedule you with the same OBGYN. Maybe a midwife would be better as the care is more personal. But please know your not alone. Many women do not share how scary it is getting pregnant again after a loss. But you do not have to struggle alone.

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Chocolate lava cake

Sunday sweets week two!! Having 4 kids makes things difficult at times. But I am sticking to Sunday sweets, and as our new tradition we will do it. But at times with kids being kids some weeks the desserts will be simple. Also other times complex if the kids are more focused but we will all take part. Either way we will do it together. This week I got to pick. I was really excited. What did I choose? Chocolate lava cake made in a crock pot. I love making things in a crock pot. So chocolate lava cake in a crock pot was perfect. It is so easy. This is the first dessert I have every made in one. I was really hoping it would turn out good. (It did.)

 We also had a special guest to our Sunday sweets chocolate lave cake making event. My son’s girlfriend, Kiera. She will most likely join us in other dessert making adventures in the future. Furthermore, it is always a joy having her join our family. She also joins in and has a good time too. That means we had all seven of us joining in. Except the baby. If she tried to help it would have been a disaster. Maybe next time will let her help us out.

 This recipe does not require a lot of ingredients. It is easy to make and inexpensive. The ingredients needed are as follows:

Chocolate cake mix (any kind)



Vegetable oil

Chocolate pudding (the instant one, we used the whole box)

Chocolate chips

Pan spray

Optional: vanilla ice cream

 You need a crock pot to cook it in. I know this is pretty obvious but just saying it in case. It is pretty simple from this point. Just follow the instructions below and you will be good. I love simple. With a family of six simple is key to getting things done. To begin the kids mix the cake mix following the box directions. I sprayed the inside of the crock pot with pam spray. Next we poured the mix into the crock pot. The kids mixed the Jell-O in a separate bowl and poured it on top of the cake mix. After this, we all sprinkled chocolate chips on top. Set the crock pot on high for 2 hour or a bit more.

 Now we started a little late. So, it was not done until almost eight at night. But this Mama picked a good dessert to try. It was so good, and I would make it again. One thing was making sure you wait till the edges are spongy looking. We served it in bowls with vanilla bean ice cream. Everyone loved. The baby got to try some too. I mark this one a success.

 Also know if a dessert we choose does not work out we will let you know. We choose new desserts every week. Even though some may not turn out to our liking we will be honest. What is important is we are making memories. It is so important to create fun traditions for your family too. The kids will remember this and that makes me incredibly happy.

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Oreo brownies with chocolate chips

 The Shivicks are starting a new tradition. Every Sunday is now Sunday sweets day in our home. One kid will pick a dessert recipe we have not had yet, and we will make it. We are all excited about this. So, to start our tradition Gavin picked the first dessert. The dessert we will be making is Oreo Brownies with chocolate chips.

These Oreo brownies with chocolate chips are pretty simple to make. The kids got to help. We really did not need much to make them. Just a box of brownies. A bag of small morsels (chocolate chips). Then we of course need a small container of Oreo’s. You will also need the ingredients listed on your brownie box.

Everyone in the family helped except the baby. She tried but it would have been everywhere. The kids cracked the eggs. Then poured the water and oil. Then the two younger ones mixed it all with help of dad. I got to put chocolate chips in. I may have eaten some too.

After this my husband poured half the mix into and 8×8 pan. My teenager then came in to place the first few Oreo’s in before everyone else helped finish lining them up in the pan. To finish it off my husband then poured the remaining batter over all the cookies and put it into the oven for the amount specified on the brownie box.

Then our home filled with a smell of warming chocolate. About 20-30 min later depending on the directions and your oven you get this pretty picture. It looks good and smells amazing. It also did not last long enough for me to get a picture of it cut on a plate.

The entire family decided we can never eat regular brownies again after this. I hope you try them out. They are amazing!

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Father’s Day in our home.

As in many families you go out and celebrate the dad and grandpa in your family. Father’s Day is a day full of love. If you do not live near them face time, calling or sending something special may be ways of celebrating. Dads are amazing. They teach and love their kids in a way no one else can. A dad can be blood related or not. It is what they do in our life’s that earn them the title dad.

 In the Shivicks home Father’s Day is a particularly important day. We celebrate the fathers who are here. If they are no longer alive we honor them. We sadly are missing one of the dad’s in our home. Have been for 11 years now. Just because he is not here does not mean we forget about him. We also have my husband and my stepdad in town. Then there is my father in Virginia as well as my husband’s father in Iowa. Not to long ago my husband and I both lost our grandfathers. Both were great men.

 So, what are we doing? This year it is pretty simple. With the virus going on there is not much you can do. My husband is pretty easy. We made some homemade gifts. He got one gift early. Then he wants Buffalo Wild Wings. That is his favorite place to eat. But we are picking the food up instead of eating there. My stepdad is also picking his food up so we can all meet together.

 We will all meet up at Matt’s headstone. If you have not read posts before on my blog my oldest son’s father has passed away. There at the grave site we are going to have a picnic. The best part is he is buried overlooking the ocean. It will not be too hot. It is so peaceful. This allows all fathers near us to be celebrated together in one place.

 At some point in the day I will call my dad. My husband will call his. All in all, it is a celebration of these important men. You do not always have to do something big. It truly is about spending time with them. Making them know how important they are to us all. Just spending time with one another.

 So, what do we get these dads of ours? Well that depends. Some know what they want. Maybe a tool set or a video game. I found a lot of homemade dad gifts that were easy. For Matthews dad we bring flowers. When he was younger he would make something for him. The first year he brought his dad Lego characters to leave him. There are so many things you can do.

What is most important especially in blended families? You need to make sure you show appreciation towards the father figures. There are not always the traditional dad’s in every family. There may be more then one dad or father figure in a home. It is important to let them know on this day and all days how much you appreciate them

To the families like ours where a father who has died. I am so sorry for your loss, but their memory lives on within you. Celebrate their life and know wherever they are now they love you. Find ways to celebrate them in your own way. Happy Father’s Day!!!