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Crazy, emotional start to the school year!

Pre-k, First grade and Senior year from home.

 I expected this school year to start a bit different. I expected classes to be smaller, masks to be worn and six feet required between kids but not this. Today I drove in a school line to pick up school supplies and iPad for my first grader. I have a math book, a book with all other subjects, supplies, portable white erase board, “I’m in first grade” hat, iPad, and a lot of questions. San Diego is not allowing in school instruction at this time so here we are.

 My senior started last week. He has two classes vs the normal 5 and does 1 hour of zoom 4 days a week. He does not seem to motivate or even stimulated for school. I am at a bit of a loss. What is he actually going to learn doing school this way? I feel like he is missing out on so much. Academically and socially loosing out during his last year of high school. I just feel like there was another way to go about starting school and this is not the way to do it.

 First, I do believe Covid-19 is real, is scary and should be taken seriously. But why can’t the school set up and at least start with one day a week using all the recommended precautions. My biggest fear is this school year setting my 2 oldest kids back in school. My 4-year-old I can easily teach her the simple things she needs to know, but she is also lacking the social interaction which is super important in child development.

 Second, I do not even know what Wednesday is going to look like for my first grader because the school has not sent any instructions. Everything the school is doing is being sent out at the last minute making me feel so unprepared to start his schooling. The only saving grace is he has the same teacher as last year and she is amazing. When is this all going to end? I want my kids back to a normal life and my life to get back to normal. I never thought about home schooling or really wanted to so this is a lot on me. Many parents I have spoke to feel the same way as my but not all. Some parents are excited at the idea of home schooling their kids.

Thoughts on school in your state.

 As a parent who suffers from anxiety this virus is really bad for me. My anxiety is a lot worse and my panic attacks have increased. I need a schedule and I need to know what the plan is so I can handle my own mental health issues. I really hope we figure out how to live a more normal life and that my entire family can get back to a normal healthy life. To any of the parents out there struggling like myself you are not alone as this is tough. Just remind yourself it will not be this way forever and things will get better.

Hope all your kids have a great start to the school year! Thank you for letting me vent. I would love to hear what other kids are doing in other states. How do you feel about this whole school year. Do you want to home school, return to normal or hybrid school? I wish this never had happened.

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