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S’mores Bites

 Happy Sunday! As always every Sunday we post a blog about our family tradition, Sunday Sweet’s. Today’s choice was inspired by my son’s girlfriend. We chose to make S’mores Bites. Smore’s are so much fun to make but we live in an apartment now so the traditional ones cannot be made there. But with some creativity you can make them, just a different way.

Chalk board with white writing S'more Bites. White poowdered sugar bag, white marshmallow bag, brown and silver chocolate container and blue and yello graham cracker container.

 As always I start here with the ingredients needed:

  • Graham crackers (9)
  • 6 tablespoons of butter
  • ¼ cup powdered sugar
  • Hershey bars (2)
  • Big marshmallows (12)
  • Muffin tin pan

 If you are new to the page our kids all help in making our Sunday sweets except the baby. She is just there for support.

 These are pretty simple to make. First always start by preheating the oven to 350 degrees. While the oven is preheating we let the kid’s smash the graham cracker’s in three separate Ziplock bags. Due to the kids being busy crushing graham crackers my oldest son and I broke the chocolate into the individual squares during this time. But you really just need one bigger Ziplock bag to crush the graham crackers in, but we just have multiple helpers. After they are all fully crushed you need to mix them with the butter and powdered sugar in a small bowl.

 Now you have the base ready. Next, get your muffin tin and put one teaspoon of the mixture into in each muffin part, pressing it down. It actually turned out to be a little more over a teaspoon for us because we wanted more crust. The kids get to help with all of this. It was great because they could all participate. We sometimes have issues with taking turns but not today.  Next, Dad puts the tin in the oven until all the edges are golden. For our oven it took around 10 minutes.

Next we placed a piece of chocolate or two in each section. After that we added a whole large marshmallow to each section before putting it back into the oven.When the marshmallows were lightly brown on top they are ready.

 Let cool for a minute and they are ready to eat. I honestly have more fun making normal smores, but we have to make things work. These S’mores Bites are perfect. If you are apartment living these are for you. They are really yummy, and I would make them again. You can also play around with the type of chocolate you use to make them your own. Have fun trying these out!

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