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Summer Fun 2020

Summer is different this year.

  The summer fun has been odd to say the least. Last summer we went on lots of fun trips. Now due to covid-19 and living in California all our plans were cancelled. It did not really bother me until this weekend. Memories from last summer and the ones before that start popping up make me wish this would all end soon.

 Last summer was really a ton of fun. It was such a blessing to go on a trip with my oldest son. It was just the two of us. The trip was to Washington, D.C. to tour colleges with TAPS. For the first time in a long time Matthew and I got some much needed one on one time. I was very pregnant, but I felt great. This trip was the best trip for the both of us.

 But on top of that fun trip we also had a weekend away in Los Angeles with the family. Even though it was a short trip and only a few hours away it was well needed. It also was with TAPS. For our family these get away’s with TAPS are truly needed. The trip is full of familiar face’s. It is so refreshing for the entire family.

 If you have not read some of my other posts I should tell you what TAPS is. TAPS organization stands for Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors. The organization is headed by Bonnie Carroll a military widow. They support all family members and friends who have lost someone in the Military. The person who died may have be active duty, reserves, or veteran. It is like a second family to many people including us. If you have lost a military loved one or if you just want to learn more ill attach a button below to their page.

 So, this summer among the other fun things we do, losing out on going to these events has been a bit heart breaking. Even though they offered virtual event’s they just are not the same.

 For me I am siding with caution and staying away from other people. So, we just are staying home. There is only so much you can do at home. There are way too many people at the beaches here in San Diego and basically everywhere. So many people are just going about their lives normal and I wish I could be so carefree, but this virus makes me nervous. So now with the summer half over I am looking for some creative ways to have some fun. I need to have some summer fun with my family.

 Summer Fun 2020 idea’s.

  1. Going to the beach at 7am: A mom in San Diego says if you go really early no one is there and just leave as too many show up.
  2. Putting our tent up on the patio: We are going to set the tent up with sleeping bags and pretend camp from our house. We will make popcorn and S’mores bites.
  3. Build a tower garden: This company in Tennessee called GreenStalk makes a garden tower that we are going to plant things in.
  4. Water play: We will buy a blow-up pool and water balloons. Eat watermelon, make sandwiches and eat popsicles all on our patio. Then we can all have some summer fun from our home.

Taking Summer fun suggestions.

 These are the four things I have come up with so far. I really need to find some fun ideas for summer before it is over. What are your creative ideas for summer fun from home. I need help! Hope y’all have a great Summer.

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